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Prof. Samuel Ojong Takon


About the CEO

Prof. Samuel Ojong Takon is a multi-skilled scholar with theoretical, business and practical competences in Public Administration, and in the broad area of Business Management (with a strong focus on International Marketing); Prof. Ojong is a well-known African Educator of International Trade, Policy and Marketing and a diplomat of high repute with International Peace Commission United Nation as Ecowas Director of Operations.

Prof. Ojong has a Ph.D. in Public Administration from IIC University of Science and Technology, Cambodia – Kingdom of Phnom Penh in 8th November, 2019; a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Educational Management and Leadership from CIML Business School, Delaware (USA) 2017; a PhD (Honoris) in Leadership Management and entrepreneurial strategy from West Africa Microfinance Institute, Republic of Benin in 2020.

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What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning.

He has been about to develop professional flare in strategic business support systems through his MBA (Executive) in Entrepreneurial Business Management from Unicaribean Business School, Lagos (Nigeria) 2018; MBA in Human Resources Management (Upper Division) From Adonai University, Republic of Benin, 2015; M.Sc. in Political Science from Is-Fopase University (Upper Credit) Republic of Benin, 2014; M.Sc. in Conflict Resolution and Peace studies from Sainte Monica University, Republic of Cameroon, 2013.

Prof. Ojong is well vast with a several professional certification, fellowship and corporate recognition from: Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership – Delaware (USA) 2016; Chartered Institute of Educational Practitioners USA, 2020; Institute of Business Technology Management of Nigeria (Nigeria), 2015; Institute of Governance and Management (Nigeria), 2016; Business Management, 2016; Institute of Professional Managers and Administrations of Nigeria (IPMAN), 2012; Chartered Institute of Development and Management Studies, 2016; PDF in Corporate Governance and Management – Institute of Governance and Management (Nigeria), 2017; Institute of Strategic Management (Nigeria), 2014.

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Prof.  Ojong is a successful business man with a strong niche management consulting, workforce and personnel growth, financial support systems, trade settlement dispute resolutions.

Prof. Ojong also owns and operates several business projects. He is the President and Chairman of  Governing Council of Crownpoint International College of Health Sciences and Technology, Ogun State, Nigeria; CEO of Dolf Business School, Wales England and Lagos Nigeria; CEO of Crownpoint Natural waters, Ogun State (Nigeria); CEO, Harvard International School, Ogun state (Nigeria); President and Founder, Charterd Institute of Education and Training Practitioners, Wales, UK; President and Founder, Jongsam Excellent House Limited Nigeria; Lead Head of Builders House Christian Centre, Otta – Ogun State (Nigeria); President of Afriwest Centre of Empowerment (Nigeria).

With his outstanding experience, especially in leadership and administration, Prof. Ojong has acquired Administrative, Business and Cross-Cultural Leadership skills. As part of his work experience, he was the Registrar, Academic Affairs – West Africa University, Republic of Benin from 2009 to 2013. He lectured as an International Relation Mentors and Expert at the Le-cour-sonue University, Republic of Benin from 2013-2014. In the same year, he was an adjoint lecture at the EPS University, Republic of Benin, Department of International Relationship 2013-2014

His stride in academic leadership was very visible in institution and academic campus management, leadership and financial responsive. To this end, Prof. Ojong was Registrar Academic Affairs (English Session), Irgib Africa University, Republic of Benin from 2014-2016; Dean Academic Affairs – University Institute of Benin, Republic of Benin, 2014-2017; Head of Campus at the IS-Fopase University Cotonou and Head of Campus and Dean Academic Affairs Sainte Felicite University both institutes situated at the Republic of Benin from 2017-2019.

He belongs to several professional and academic bodies and Research Institutions. He is a member of management, board, trustee and consultant to the; American Management University(AMU), California Metropolitan University(CMU), Gedion Robert University Lusaka Zambia, City University Cambodia, IIC university of Science and Technology Cambodia, Saint Monica University Cameroon, Maflekumen University – Cameroon, Hipdeth University, Bamenda – Cameroon, Gewah University college – Ghana; West End University College – Ghana; Bamenda University of Science and Technology, Bamenda – Cameroon.


Prof.  Samuel Ojong Takon is a family man. His special hobbies are Critical Thinking, Reading, Golfing, Travelling, Mentoring and Meeting People.

I hope you will like our website, and will visit our school soon.

President of Crown Point International College of Health Sciences & Technology management

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